Two tips for new dog kennel owners who need to use fencing contractors' services

Posted on: 16 March 2021

If you've set up a dog kennel and need a fencing contractor to make the barrier that will surround the dogs' outdoor play area, the advice here could prove useful.

Find a fencing contractor who has experience building fences for animal enclosures

If possible, you should try to look for fencing contractors who have previously created barriers for animal enclosures (at, for example, animal sanctuaries, zoos and kennels). The reason for this is that, although any fencing contractor should be able to build a solid fence for you, those who have already constructed fences used around animal enclosures will know about the issues that commonly crop up when using certain fence materials for these particular structures.

For example, if you contact someone who has built these fences before, they may advise you not to use a fence structure that has openings between its panels because, even if these gaps are far too small for the dogs to squeeze through, they may still end up getting their paws, snouts or even their heads stuck in these openings. 

Likewise, they may advise against chainlink fencing because, although it's very secure, the dogs will probably jump on it regularly, which may, over time, cause it to stretch and warp. Whilst this won't make the chainlink fence break, it might make it appear less secure, which could put potential clients who view your kennels off using your services.

Test out the fence before letting your clients' dogs play in this area

After the fencing contractor has made your fence, you should test it out before you let your clients' dogs use this outdoor area. For example, if you have your own dogs, you should let them run around this space for an hour or two. This will allow you to see if there are any details about the fence which, after observing your dogs being near it, you feel need to be adjusted.

For example, after seeing your dog trying to jump over it and noticing that their nails left scratches on the wood, you might decide to have the contractor put a tougher type of varnish on the panels to keep them looking nice. Similarly, if you see how close your dog gets to leaping over this barrier, you might decide to get the contractor to raise its height so that there is no possibility of this happening with your clients' dogs in the future.

To learn more, contact a fencing contractor.


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