Top Factors to Consider When Selecting a Custom Fence and Gate

Posted on: 2 March 2020

When it comes to landscaping, your choice of fencing and gate plays an integral role in the overall look of your property. You can have the best lawn in the neighbourhood, but if the fence is made of low-quality material or is not aesthetically appealing, your home will look plain. For this reason, it is essential to take time before deciding on the type of gate you want for your property. Unfortunately, the many different brands available in the market don't make selection easy for homeowners. This article highlights critical factors to consider when getting a customised gate.

Colour Range

In what colours does the prospective gate choice come in? This is an important consideration, especially for homeowners that want to match their fence and gate with their landscape. While most fencing contractors stock gates in many colours, few stock gates that match the colours on gutters and roofs. This can be restrictive, especially if you want to blend the gate with the entire house. As such, find a contractor that stocks a wide range of colours because this allows you to mix and match your gate depending on personal aesthetic needs. In most cases, the contractor will provide you with a booklet representing all the colours they have for their product line.

Fire Retardant

Australia is best known for its bushfires that can wreak havoc in a matter of minutes. Therefore, homeowners need to install a fence and gate that will keep fires as far away from the property as possible and for as long as possible. The best custom gates are made or coated with fire retardant paint. For example, a common material used on high-quality gates and fencing is intumescent paints. These paints readily react with heat to form a thick layer of foam, thereby protecting the frame of the game from high temperatures. When used in bushfire-prone areas, the fire resistance properties of the gate will help occupants to evacuate on time in case there is a fire.

Faster Installation

The quicker your gate and fence go up, the safer your property will be. However, the duration of the installation process will depend mainly on the design and size of the fence and gate. For instance, a custom gate with intricate patterned design will most likely weigh less than one with a simple design. The reason is that the fabricator has to cut out a lot of material from the steel, consequently reducing the overall weight of the gate and fence significantly. Such a fence is easy to install because it is light in weight.

For more information about gates, such as customised Colorbond gates, contact a fencing contractor.


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