Two tips for property owners who need to buy fencing materials from fence suppliers

Posted on: 5 June 2023

Here are two tips for property owners who need to buy fencing materials from fence suppliers.

They should consider if they need spare materials for their project

It's a good idea for someone in this situation to order spare fence materials, instead of the precise quantity they need. Having some extra materials on hand will mean their fence contractor will be able to finish the construction of this feature, even if a few of the materials get damaged. For example, if the property owner drops a couple of wooden fence panels on the ground when trying to hand them to their contractor, and this causes the wood to splinter or crack, having a few backup panels on hand could be useful. This would mean the contractor wouldn't need to wait until their client had ordered another panel from their fence supplier before they could finish building the fence.

Additionally, if a property owner has spare fencing materials, they'll be able to easily modify the fence in the future. If for example, they ever needed to replace some storm-damaged panels or if they decided to extend this structure, it'd be much simpler for them to do this if they already had some spare panels stored on their property. If one of these situations arose and they had no extra panels, they would need to buy these materials from a fence supplier. If the supplier no longer stocked those specific fencing materials, the property owner might have to use ones that don't quite match their existing fence.

They should ask the supplier for delivery information

Property owners who want to build fences should also ask their local fence suppliers for delivery information. This is especially important if they have already booked a fence contractor to build the fence during a specific period. If for example, their contractor has agreed to build the fence for them in two weeks' time, the property owner must ensure that the fence supplier can deliver the materials required by that date. If a particular supplier needs to replenish their stock during this period, it might take them a bit longer than two weeks to deliver these items.

Additionally, if the property owner has nowhere safe to store the materials, they may need to time the delivery so that the materials arrive either the day before the fence construction is going to begin or on the first date of this project. This will ensure they don't need to leave the materials outdoors, in a place where they might get taken or damaged.

They should also ask the fence supplier about their delivery methods. If for example, their preferred supplier doesn't deliver to their location, then the property owner might need to travel to the supplier's premises to pick up the materials. They'll need to work out if this is feasible and if so, will have to ensure that they'll be able to take this journey before the date on which their fence contractor will start building their fence.


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