Automatic Gate Installation: Your Guide to The Different Types Available

Posted on: 11 March 2020

Nothing beats the security level, functionality and ease of use that comes with installing an automatic gate. However, automatic gates come in different options. Understanding the various types of automatic gates will enable you to invest in an option that will work best for your needs. This guide on the different types of automatic gates in the market and how they work will help you choose the most suitable one for your property.

Automatic Swing Gates

Swing gates are the most common types of automatic gates. As their name implies, they swing inwards into or outwards away from your driveway. One of the primary advantages of swing gates is that they tend to be the most cost-effective options you will find. However, you need enough space on your property for the gates to swing either inward or outward smoothly.

The decision to install an inward-swinging or outward-swinging automatic gate will depend on multiple aspects. First, unless you have enough space outside of your property (i.e. your fence or gate isn't next to a pathway or road), install an inward-swinging automatic gate for the safety of the passers-by. You also need to assess your gate area carefully both inside and outside your property to ensure that the gate doesn't open into obstacles such as plants, walls or parking areas.

Last, if you have a sloping driveway, an outward swinging automatic gate could be your only solution. That's because swinging gates usually move at a constant height from the ground. With a rising driveway, the gate could hit the ground (depending on how steep the slope is), affecting its movement and operation.

Automatic Sliding Gates

These gates are the ideal solution for properties with space restrictions and sloping driveways. Unlike their swinging counterparts, sliding gates use a chain and pulley system. They have wheels that slide along a metal groove or are track-mounted on the underside. The gate moves horizontally back and forth along the track when opening or closing. One of the issues you are likely to have with your sliding gates is the tracks getting blocked by debris, ice and snow. Therefore, if you are thinking of installing a sliding gate, you will need to do more in terms of maintenance by ensuring the tracks are always clear of any blockages.

Battery-Powered Automatic Gates

Do you experience frequent power outages in your area? A battery-powered automatic gate will come in handy. These gates are equipped with a battery that gives you the electric functionality of your gate when power is out. Also, if your home isn't connected to the power grid or perhaps you use alternative means of energy, such as solar power, then a battery-powered automatic gate would be the ideal solution.

Speak with professionals who provide auto gate installation services for more information. 


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