How Chain-Mesh Fencing Can Add Security to Your Property

Posted on: 19 May 2020

Chain-mesh fencing is a popular choice to mark out a boundary of a property. However, if your main concern is security, there are still good reasons why this type of fencing should be your choice. Here are some of the security advantages of this type of fencing..


Firstly, this kind of fencing provides a very strong and robust boundary. It is sometimes known as cyclone fencing because of its ability to withstand strong winds. The mesh is made of galvanised steel wire, which is very difficult to cut through. The wire is linked in a strong diamond shape and is then attached to steel posts that are securely embedded in the ground.


Another advantage of chain-mesh fencing is that if necessary, it can be installed to heights of over twelve feet, far higher than anyone could jump over. However you should be careful that the fence is not situated near a tree or anything else that an intruder could climb to get over the fence.

Difficult to climb

The links in chain-mesh fencing are usually too small to give an intruder any handholds or footholds. This means that anyone who tries to climb over the fence is unlikely to get very far. This is particularly effective if you have a very tall fence.


Although it is true that anyone will be able to see through a chain-mesh fence to what is on the other side, it is equally true that you will be able to see them. It is not possible for anyone to try to get through your fence unobtrusively. Provided that the fence is well lit along its length, you should have advance warning of an attempt to get through the fence — enough time to alert the police.


Finally, your fence can be customised with various add-ons which can make it even more difficult to get through. They can be fitted with a top rail to ensure that the fence stays in shape if anyone attempts to pull on it, and the posts can be extended and fitted with rows of barbed wire so that no one can get over the top.

Chain-mesh fencing is a smart and durable addition to any property, but it can also be used to ensure that intruders cannot get in without your permission. Just talk to a local fencing contractor who installs chain-mesh fencing about your needs.


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