Two reasons to replace your temporary pool fence with a permanent one

Posted on: 12 August 2020

If you have enclosed your pool with a temporary pool fence (i.e., one that you can easily remove or erect), you should consider having a fence contractor put some permanent pool fencing in its place. Continue reading and find out why.

Permanent pool fencing will create a safer swimming environment

If a fencing contractor takes down your temporary pool fence and puts a permanent structure in its place, they could help you to create a safer swimming environment. If, for example, someone who is walking around the pool's edge stumbles and starts to fall into the water, they could grab the rail of the permanent pool fence to avoid falling in. This could not only save them from hitting their head against the pool edge whilst falling but could also prevent them from landing on top of (and injuring) someone else who was already in the pool.

Conversely, if there was a temporary fence in place when this incident occurred, it might simply end up being pulled down if the person grabs hold of it (as unlike a permanent fence, none of its fence posts would be securely embedded in the ground) —in which case the person would then go crashing into the water.

Permanent pool fencing won't wreck your pool when severe storms occur

Aside from making your pool area less safe for those who use it, the instability of your temporary pool fencing could also cause other problems. For example, if you happen to be out of the house or on holiday when a storm ravages your local area, and you are therefore unable to take down your pool's temporary fence before the winds reach your property, the fence will probably collapse and be blown into the pool. In this scenario, you'd have to manually drag all of the broken fence pieces out of the water. Furthermore, any small bits of the fence may end up getting sucked up into your pool filter, which could result in this debris clogging it to the point where your pool water becomes dirty and you have to drain the pool.

If on the other hand, you had a fence contractor erect a permanent fence, whose panels and posts were wind-resistant, you would not have to panic if a storm passed through your local area whilst you were away from your home, as there would be very little risk of the fence collapsing and wrecking your pool, due to its extreme stability.


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