How to Choose Between Framed and Frameless Glass Fencing for Your Residential Pool

Posted on: 16 February 2021

Glass pool fences are suitable for a modern home. They offer unobstructed views of your pool area while increasing the visual appeal of your outdoor space. When shopping for glass pool fencing, you will come across framed and frameless designs. Framed fencing uses steel posts to secure the glass panels. Frameless fences have no steel posts. Instead, stainless steel spigots are mounted on the ground and used to secure the panels. Below are some factors to consider when choosing between the two designs.

Style and overall appearance

What style do you envision for your pool area? Would you like an unobstructed view of your pool? Both framed and frameless designs are modern and stylish pool fencing options. However, the use of stainless steel posts in framed fencing creates a slight obstruction of the pool area. Frameless fencing allows complete views of the pool. It is as if the fence doesn't even exist. Therefore, if you're concerned about the obstruction created by traditional framed glass fencing, opt for the frameless design.

Installation costs

The overall costs of installing a glass pool fence depend on various factors such as material costs, size and design of the pool and labour expenses. When it comes to material costs, frameless fencing may cost more than framed fencing. Since framed fences have stainless steel posts to secure the panels, manufacturers can use thinner glass, which lowers the overall production cost. 

Frameless fencing is only supported by spigots anchored to the ground. Thus, to compensate for the lack of secure posts, the glass may be thicker. Thicker glass can be costly due to improved performance and better longevity. Therefore, material costs impact the overall budget. Have this in mind when choosing the best design for your fence.

Maintenance expenses

Framed glass fences require more maintenance than their frameless counterparts. Besides regularly cleaning the glass, you have to take care of the stainless steel posts as well. If neglected or exposed to chemicals and harsh cleaners, stainless steel can rust gradually. If this happens, you have to restore the material to preserve its visual appeal. However, you can save yourself the trouble by investing in frameless glass.

Safety factor

While frameless pool fencing is aesthetically appealing, it can present safety concerns in your home. If you have pets or kids, they can run into the glass and hurt themselves. Framed designs eliminate the no-barrier illusion, allowing kids and pets to be safe around the fixture. However, if you desire the frameless design, you can use safety signage and lighting to prevent accidents.

Consider the above issues when shopping for glass pool fencing. For more information, contact a company like Tewantin Glass.


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