How Professionals Choose The Best Place To Install A Gate In Your Fence

Posted on: 12 March 2021

Fence gate installation might seem like an easy job, but there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration when doing it. These issues will only become clear after years of use where, if you get it wrong, you get annoyed by the design and its flaws in day-to-day use. That is why most people tend to go with professional fence contractors when deciding to add in a gate to their existing fence, especially if it is for a chain wire fence which is very popular and slightly trickier to plan out. Here are a few things your fence gate installation will do that you couldn't on your own. 

Soil Quality

Gates require a sturdy base to ensure that the mechanism does not loosen the foundations in a short period of time, so while regular fence posts can be installed on slightly tougher ground, a gate should not. That is, of course, unless you take additional precautions such as concrete foundations but that drives the price and effort up even more. A professional fence gate installation will ensure that your gate is put somewhere that is not in danger of falling apart in just a couple of years and where the maintenance for the gate will be minimal.


Most people assume that they only need one gate, especially if it is a residential property, but as time goes by, it becomes clearer that a gate at the back of your property is generally a good idea too. A fence contractor knows that many people end up coming back to them for more gate installations and will explain the benefits of getting it out of the way now. Not only will you reap the benefits whenever you need to do work or search for something beyond your property (like a pet or a ball) but that will be the last renovation you need to do on your gate for years, if not decades.

Changes To The Fence

When you add in a gate to a length of fence, particularly if it is a chain wire fence, it changes the structural stability of how that fence was designed. As such, gate installation will sometimes require the contractors to shore up the strength and durability of the fence by adding in new poles and supporting structures. If you were to try and install a gate on your own, you would likely have a fence that is loose and falling apart within a couple of years. 

Contact a local fence contractor to learn more about fence gate installation.


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