Reasons to Install Colorbond Fencing Around Your Front Garden

Posted on: 15 March 2021

You might be looking for a fencing option for your front yard, but you're not sure which material to install. One possibility is steel. To discover reasons to install one of these barriers, read on.

Easy to Install

Steel fencing is relatively easy to install, so you won't be inconvenienced for too long by major construction work. Additionally, installation costs will be lower than with more labour intensive fences made from bricks or cement, for example. Steel fences consist of posts, rails, panels and post caps that fit together. Contractors will dig each post into the ground, possibly pouring in concrete. After attaching the bottom rails, they'll connect the panels, top rails and caps.


Steel fences are available in a range of nature-inspired hues like greys, greens, browns and yellows. You can install posts and panels in a matching colour or create a contrast between the two elements. For example, contractors could install cream posts and dark charcoal panels for variation. You also have the choice of installing lattice along the fence top, which adds height but gives the fence a lightness as the lattice is see-through. Decorative post caps finish off the wall.


Steel barriers are resilient and well able to withstand elements like sun, rain and wind. They feature layers of protective coatings using metal alloys and powder-coated paints that defend the metal from rusting. These fences can help to hinder fire from spreading to your home. Additionally, metal doesn't succumb to insects, rotting or warping.

Low Maintenance

Steel fences are low maintenance, as they don't require any special or involved treatments. They don't demand periodic painting as timber and rendered cement does. Thus, you won't add to the initial cost of the fence with ongoing maintenance routines. To clean the fence, wash it with a garden hose. For more stubborn debris, you can use soap and a sponge.


Steel fences create a private front garden, and they increase the usability of your land. If you construct a low wall, you may not wish to use the front garden for socializing as it's too open to the public gaze. However, with steel fencing, your children and pets can safely play in the front yard, and you can entertain friends and family in private. Additionally, these barriers are continuous, so a pet dog won't be able to squeeze through railings and escape onto the street. With a privacy fence, you'll effectively increase the dimensions of usable areas of your property.

For more information about steel fences, like Colorbond fencing, contact a local fencing contractor.


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