Two tips to follow if you want to get a pool fence

Posted on: 8 June 2021

Here are some tips to remember if you want to get a pool fence.

Measure Your Sun Loungers Before Choosing Where to Put the Fence

If, like many pool owners, you like to lie on a sun lounger by your pool and dry off in the sun after a swim, or do some sunbathing in between your dips in the pool, then you must take this into consideration when deciding where you'd like the fence contractor to put the fence, in relation to your pool.

You should, for example, measure the length of your sun loungers and ensure that there is at least enough distance between the pool and the fence for you to lay these loungers beside the water. You may want to leave a bigger gap between the pool and the fence so that other household members can walk around the sun loungers without having to squeeze by them, move them or climb over them. Leaving a fairly generous distance between the pool fence and the water will also reduce the chance of you or anyone else who uses the pool falling into it when, for instance, you're repositioning or unfolding a sun lounger.

Consider Whether You'd Like a Transparent Fence

Many people opt for transparent pool fences. It's sensible to consider whether this is the right option for you. If, for example, you live in a rurally-located property where privacy is not something you're lacking in, then a transparent fence could be ideal, as you can use it as a barrier, without having to miss out on the lovely view of your pool when you're near it. There are also practical benefits associated with being able to see into your fenced-in pool; for example, you'll be able to immediately see if the pool cover has come undone and then reattach it and will quickly notice if any rubbish or debris has fallen into the water and needs to be removed.

However, if you don't have any barrier between your property and the ones beside it, then you might appreciate an opaque pool fence that will allow you to feel relaxed when you're swimming, due to your neighbours not being able to see you when you're in swimwear. You might also prefer opaque fencing materials if the view from your pool isn't particularly scenic (for example, if your pool overlooks a busy road or an unattractive building).

For more information about pool fencing, contact a fencing company in your area.


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