Ways Chain Link Fences are Great for Businesses

Posted on: 13 October 2021

You might be considering chain link fencing for your business, be it a warehouse, a plant nursery or another type of company. These barriers let you adapt them to diverse settings, and they can endure harsh weather. Consider the following ways these fences are great for businesses.

Caters to Varied Security Needs

You can modify a chain-link barrier to cater to different security needs. They're easy to build in varying heights as the wire mesh is unrolled and attached to posts and rails. The webbing and posts come in diverse sizes. Thus, contractors can construct a waist-high fence or one several metres tall. Additionally, you can choose between different wire thicknesses, opting for a heavier gauge for increased security.

The posts and rails consist of hollow pipes, the walls of which can be thicker or thinner depending on your needs as well. Finally, you can attach razor or barbed wire along the top of a chain-link fence to create an almost impenetrable barrier. Thus, you can either create low-or high-security fencing by adjusting these variables.


If you're installing fencing for your business, it's essential it withstands the elements and looks after itself. That way, you can spend your time running the business rather than on fence upkeep. A chain-link fence helps in this regard, as it virtually needs no maintenance besides an occasional inspection and wash with a garden hose.

They're often covered with a zinc coating that inhibits trust. The webbing can also be encased in PVC, and the posts and rails powder-coated. The vinyl and powder-coating treatments shield the metal. Chain link fences can withstand high winds as the breeze can freely flow through the mesh, unlike a solid opaque barrier which is under more pressure in a gale. The posts are usually cemented into the ground also, strengthening the wall.

Colour Options

You can choose different colours for chain link fencing, which offers design variety. For example, install a galvanised silver fence. Alternatively, the PVC covering comes in colours such as black, brown and green, and the powder-coating paint on the posts and rails can match the mesh hue. If you have a plant nursery business or are fencing in a playground or park, you might prefer a green or brown fence. Black chain link fences have a smarter appearance than silver, providing a more upscale look. Black also tends to merge into the background, so it is ideal for an unobtrusive but attractive barrier.

Contact a local fence contractor to learn more about chain-link fencing.


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